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Meet Us

We are Tailor Made.
Your Task Force in this life-changing journey.

We want to create the perfect journey for you, excellence all the way through.


You're in
Good Hands

with our in-house bus fleet and devoted team, Tailor Made can ensure an unforgettable journey

We have 23+ years of experience 


We’re in the Top 5 Group Handlers in Israel

Eran and Josephine Zinder, Founders of Tailor Made


Our Story

Soon after I was born in Russia in 1972, my family made the brave decision to leave everything they knew behind and make Aliyah to Israel. From the moment I arrived in this country, my love and passion for it continues to blossom and grow. 

After my family relocated to Los Angelos in 1990, I remained here to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces as a lone soldier. My commitment to and love for Israel has always been the driving force for my personal life and career. 

From an early age, I realized my passion for connecting people worldwide to Israel. I began my life's mission in October 2000, establishing my company, alongside my husband, during one of the biggest crises in Israel. Eran Zinder and I met while I was serving in the army and soon after got married in 1995. We are proud parents of twins, and we instill in them the passion we have for Israel. For 31 years, we have built a family and a successful business on the values of hard-work, respect, and integrity. 

Throughout the years, Tailor Made has served hundreds of thousands of people. We welcome our participants as tourists, and they leave as ambassadors for Israel. 

We believe in working based on a protocol of excellence always, and that is how we have become one of the top five ground handlers in Israel.


We welcome people from all nations, religions,  and denominations. Our mission is to showcase Israel's historical and religious significance, while also introducing our participants to modern-day Israel. And once they have completed their once-in-a-lifetime journey with Tailor Made, they became ambassadors of peace and the Holy Land.  

We are looking forward to welcoming you into our Tailor Made family. 

Your tailor made life-changing journey in Israel starts here

Tailor Made will make all the necessary arrangements and more to provide

you with a once in a lifetime experience. 

If you are a travel agent, tour leader, pastor, teacher, rabbi, or a visitor looking for a trusted travel partner in Israel, please contact us today.

Everyone has to come to Israel at least once in their lifetime; with Tailor Made the journey will become a life-changing experience.


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