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Faith Based Travel 

Explore the Holy Land of Israel through our Jewish, Christian,
and Interfaith trips. The Tailor Made family will connect you to
Israel and her people.

Christian Tours: From Bethlehem to the Sea of Galilee. From Nazareth to Jerusalem; The land is full with the footsteps of Jesus. 

According to the Israeli CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics), 2019 was a record year in tourism to Israel, with over 4.5 million visitors, a little over 30 percent of them arrived as a part of a preplanned group tour. 

Walk where Jesus walked. Follow his spiritual journey and it will become your own. Tailor Made family will connect you to the land of Israel and her people. We will ensure that the journey will be a transforming junction that will impact your lives. The way you will read the bible will never be the same again as you will understand that our bible is real and the base of our existence.

Jewish Tours:
The land of Israel is the cradle of Judaism.

Our Tailor Made Jewish Tours take you into the rich history and vibrant storytelling of Jewish Heritage in Israel. Gain a deeper connection and awareness to both past and present aspects of Jewish life. Visiting Israel is the best way to delve into the compelling ancient history while focusing on the future of Israel.

Inter-faith Tours: 
Journey with open hearts to The Holy Land 

Join Tailor Made, as we engage travelers in shared spiritual practice, study and debriefing of daily experiences, powerful encounters with residents pursuing grassroots relationship-building and peacemaking – all with the goal of manifesting meaningful and healing interfaith relationships in our lives at home.

Explore Our Sample Itineraries 

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