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While visiting Israel, whether you tour the land in your own pace or have a prearranged Israel group tour, you will encounter many other tourists from different countries and cultures.

So, who visits Israel?

The mix of countries from which tourists come to Israel includes China and India of the Far East, and the South American country, Brazil.

However, the greatest share of visitors come from North America and Europe.


Data from 2019 shows that Israel hosted 1,065,200 visitors from USA & Canada and 2,009,800 visitors from Europe with France, Russia and Germany being the leading countries.

Image by Shai Pal

According to the Israeli CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics), 2019 was a record year in tourism to Israel, with over 4.5 million visitors, a little over 30 percent of them arrived as a part of a preplanned group tour. 

Image by Tudor Adrian

How Long is the Average Tour to Israel?

According to statistics, the average visit lasts for 10 nights; Nevertheless, the purpose of your visit may affect the duration of the tour.

Results of a survey pointed on three main reasons for visiting the Holy Land:

30% of visitors arrived for visiting friends and relatives

24.3% for religious purposes (pilgrimage)

21.3% Came for touring and sightseeing


The rest of the respondents pointed business, leisure and “other” as their purpose of visiting. 

Israel attracts visitors from all over the world for different reasons and purposes.

You can tour Israel on your own or you may choose to tour in a group and be free of any logistical concerns.


If you do prefer the latter, Tailor Made will be happy to assist you planning your upcoming Israel group tour. 

Data Sources: Israeli CBS (Central Bureau of Statistics)
Research & Statistics: Ministry of Tourism

Image by Yoav Aziz
Testimonials from some of our Clientele

Been working with Tailor Made for more that a decade for our israel/Egypt tours, and over the years TM has given us not less than Excellent services! I don't think that i and the multi national group i take to Israel, can accept to use another agent, TM is the real machine of excellence!





What makes our tours par excellence is our partners in Israel, Tailor Made Tours, the leading ground handler in the Holy Land. Our experience with Tailor-Made Tours has really been EXCELLENCE ALL THE WAY THROUGH! From the first contact, we made with them via email until we boarded our flight back home we have experienced nothing but EXCELLENCE.


We are blessed to be in touch with Josephine and Eran of Tailor made tours. It was pleasure conducting tour with them.There was comfort and Joy as it was always conducted with Spirit of EXELLENCE. By welcoming us with Roses and making each one feel special. The tour guide were very professional.


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