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Corona times in Tailor Mades's Family : What was in the works?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

What Has the Tailor Made Family Been Up To During COVID19 Times? The past year was a challenging year for many. As the pandemic burst into all of our lives, Tailor Made decided to take this challenge as an opportunity to improve and better all our services. Eagerly anticipating tourists to return, we have continued to prepare for future operations at all levels, while updating and engaging our clientele all along the way. So, what was in the works? In our offices…. During the last year, the Tailor Made offices have gone through renovations which goal was to create a more conducive and productive work environment. We have welcome aboard a new staff of professionals, experts in the field. Their knowledge and talent enables the Tailor Made family to better serve our clients. Tailor Made has also upgraded its’ technical infrastructure and began working with a whole new internal working system, thereby creating a more efficient and professional workflow. Last, but not least, our social media accounts, website and external communication channels are all being updated and enhanced. With our customers…. The Tailor Made staff have kept an ongoing contact with our clients, and continued being available around the clock, even though no actual tour was on the ground. Our communication and dedication standards were maintained all throughout the year. It is extremely important to us to embrace our dear community. Whether it is through live stories on social media, monthly newsletters, or updates on the COVID-19 situation in Israel, Tailor Made ensures ongoing communication. Out & About…. With no actual tours to operate, the Tailor Made team has taken the time to search, explore and approve new and exciting attractions. Many new sites were developed in Israel during the past year, and our team is utmost dedicated to discover and gather all the info about the new top sites, as it may be a great addition to your next tour. With our partners… Tailor Made team has taken this time to strengthen existing partnerships and create new relationships. Whether it be vendors, hotel personnel, or our dear friends from all over the world, Tailor Made is committed to our partners and community. While this year has been a whirlwind, we can now proudly say that we see a bright future. Israel has almost completely returned to normalcy, expecting to open its skies next month. We are eagerly awaiting our tourists to return for a visit in the holy land.

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