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Travel Tips

Whether you've already booked your trip to Israel or are still considering, we hope you find these 6 pro-tips valuable. 

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"Go up to the land flowing with milk and honey."

-Exodus 33:3


Drinking water

The tap water in Israel is safe to drink! Additionally,  we provide 1/2 liter bottles daily for every member of your group.


Fashion Advice

For most of your trip, casual attire will do. But, keep in mind: have at least one bathing suit (for seas or beach) and bring appropriate attire that covers shoulders and knees for Holy Sites in Jerusalem especially.


English Fluency

Fluency in English is highly dependent on what sector someone works in. Those working in the service industry, including all our Tour Guides, have are fluent in English.


Tipping in Israel

In restaurants, it is custom to tip between 10-15%.

We generally recommend a $3 tip for driver, $5 tip for guide per day (per person). 


Power Adapter 

The primary plug types associated with Israel are: C (non-grounded, looks like two circles) and H (grounded, three circles in V shape). C will do for phones and basic appliances. 


Jewish Sabbath

All spiritual sites are open on the Jewish Sabbath. Many restaurants are open, as well. We plan each trip to ensure there's food and what to do on all days, including Saturday.

Your faith-renewing journey to the Holy Land starts now.

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