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Our Services

Tailor Made is your partner from planning to touring on Pilgrimages of 10 attendees and over. 

Meet and exceed your congregation's expectations for your upcoming trip.

Whether it's your first, third, or tenth time leading a group to Israel, the one thing that stays constant is that no two trips are the same. There is no "correct" itinerary, only the right plan for your group.


So, how can we be of service?

Excellence in service, always.

The Tailor Made commitment to excellence in service applies equally to all of our customers, from all countries, from budget to luxury trips. We appreciate the leap of faith it takes to partner with local providers across the globe, and consider it a privilege to be your hosts in the Holy Land.


Included in every tour: 

Luxury Buses

Every Tailor Made tour Bus is equipped with WiFi and Air Conditioning.

Airport Pickup

Each group is greeted by the Tailor Made staff at Ben Gurion with smiles and provisions.

Professional Guides

Our professional tour guides are fluent in English and knowledgable about the Bible.


"Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you"

-Genesis 12:1

Ready to Plan your Journey?

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