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The 10 Commandments of Tailor Made

Tailor Made Guests
At Tailor Made Tours, our motto from the beginning (over 20 years ago!) has been: excellence always. What does that mean in practice? And how do we hold ourselves accountable? The way we keep ourselves true to our word is by following our very own “10 Commandments of Service.”

These 10 Commandments of Service are listed out in every itinerary and are printed out in our offices for us to see every day.

Tailor Made’s 10 Commandments of Service:

1. You’re our honored guest, and we are your official host during your entire stay.
2. We take care of all your land travel arrangements, travel needs and requirements on your trip to Israel.
3. We welcome all our guests at the airport and make sure you pass all landing procedures successfully.
4. We provide the most comfortable/modern coaches/buses with wifi on board.
5. Our luxury vehicles are branded with welcome banners displaying the name of the group.
6. Our special hotel check-in procedure goes above and beyond and you are always greeted at hotel with welcome drinks.
7. Upon arrival, you receive a welcome kit including: flag, cap, map of Israel.
8. We will provide “special VIP treatment for the tour leader” during the whole stay in Israel.
9. We are on call for whatever is required during your stay in Israel,for any emergency needs or last minute changes.
10. Tailor Made Tours invites you and your group to a unique "Israel Ambassadors" ceremony, in celebration of completing your pilgrimage to Israel. During the ceremony, each participant will receive a diploma signed by the Mayor of Jerusalem, and our Israel Ambassadors badge, representing their becoming a new ambassador of goodwill to the Holy Land, Israel.

Jerusalem Pilgrimage Ceremony
Tailor Made closing ceremony awarding Pilgrims with diploma signed by Jerusalem mayor

Interested in planning a trip with Tailor Made? Contact us to get started today.

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